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Keep Walkin' On

Faith Hill

Well in this world of sorrow
Trouble and temptation
Yeah, Jesus always promised
Trial and tribulation
He said, "You don't have to fret or fear. Children be of goodcheer
and keep walkin' on."
Keep walkin' on (4x)

Jesus Christ the truth is found
he'll keep your feet on solid ground
Sometimes you have to just believe
He put it in the book for us to read
Satan you can't fool this girl
My Lord overcame this world
And I'm walkin' on (4x)

Well Jesus walked on the water
Peter walked on it too
God gave you the power to do what you cannot do
Every road we travel He's traveled down before
There ain't no need to worry where it leads to anymore
I'm walkin' on (4x)

Well the road is narrow and it's straight
but it leads right up to the golden gate
It may be rough it may be long
but I don't have to walk alone
step by step and day by day
He takes my hand and I hear him say
Keep walkin' on

What you gonna do, can't pay the rent
yeah, what you gonna do when the money's spent
what you gonna do when you just can't cope
Hey what you gonna do when you're outta hope
oh Keep walkin' on.......

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