O, Silent Solitude


O silent solitude,
Where shall I find my pleasure?
Among sorrow like no one knows,
Will mine hide like a treasure
A burden heavy as stone
Wherever I go.
Among thousands is barely one,
Who really knows love.

It is the heaviest grief
A sorrow to bear
That man shall lose
The love that once was there
It is the heaviest grief
As the sun will set
That one shall love the one
Which one will never get.

A pure and noble mind;
That single handedly glitters,
A mouth that speaks like one
With all the heart's intentions.
O I believe such a friend
Is more than very rare.
Where will I find the one
One who holds those virtues here?

Between you and me
A spark, a flame of fire
A heat that all could see
And now it stings like wire.
How will I keep it down
Will I get out of this net?
Or will I mourn to my death
Love one I'll never get?

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