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Locust Swarm


There's a sign from the barren soil
Dysfunctional ecology
Cycles soon in turmoil
Tomorrow's promises die
By an ancient golden deity
Udders, one by one dry

Another conscience join to the funeral feast
Another sacrifice thrown to the beast
Hearken to the tolling bell
Of a worn out world's last yell

Who is the bringer of the coming storm?
Who is the last victim that we shall now condemn?
Who is the demon there in human form
That's kneeling down in worship to the requiem
For the locust swarm?

There's a rotten smell to the mound
A bitter taste of mortality
Fertility gone unsound
The recipe to our grave
Unnecessary necessities
Human kind now enslaved

Who is the serpent of the paradise?
Who is the snake tongue that now joins the requiem
For the locust swarm?

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