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Scoundrel and The Squire


Reaper and the hangman
Together hand in hand
Their hungry eyes are prowling
Across this our virgin land

Monger and the black sheep
Bonded in heresy
Ruling from shadows behind the stage
In this sinful symphony
Thief and the enticer
Brothers side by side
Panning the rivers for traces of gold
With starry eyes so blind

The scoundrel and the squire
In hidden infamy
Are clad in a robe of glory's glare
By light of false chivalry

Tempter and the weak man
For whom tomorrow mourn
Are sowing the seed for the future grief
As told in the script of the scorn
Master and the slave now
Choking by their own hands
The treasures slipping through their fingers like sand
In their victory quite not so grand

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