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Fairyland Fanfare


Far down the path of firelight dreams
In the blue-spun twilight hours
Along the lane of winding and silk
Towards the winged and sacred bowers

Alone and aloof
In a fairyland fanfare
Where the warrior child
Can hide away in his lair

Templar of the immortality
Slays the beast in comfort's shelter
Climb up the black and sulphurous hill
And you will find caskets of silver

Live the legend, live life all alone
Longing to linger in lore
Illuminating a lane
That leads you aloft
You're lost to the lunar lure
Leave the languish
Leave lanterns of lorn
Lend lacking lustre to lies
Liberate the laces
Of life for the lone
Lest lament yet alights

Beyond the fields of emerald green
And over the sapphire oceans
Past ruby skies, there lies your salvation
To live out your true emotions

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