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  1. Full Theme Song
  2. (Everything I Do) I do It For You
  3. The Freakin' FCC
  4. Surfin' Bird (Bird Is The Word)
  5. Cowboy Butt Sex
  6. Theme Song
  7. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
  8. I Need A Jew
  9. A Bag Of Weed
  10. 'A Song About Mopping' Featured In 'Death Lives'
  11. But Then I Met You
  12. Can't Touch Me
  13. Cherrywood Estate Song
  14. Christmastime Is Killing Us
  15. Chumba Wumba song
  16. But I'm Yours
  17. Dear Booze
  18. Down Syndrome Girl
  19. Fanfare And Intro
  20. Brian Wallows (From Episode Brian Wallows Peter's