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  1. The Show Must Go On
  2. I'll Be Home Soon
  3. One In The Chamber
  4. Broken Glass
  5. The End Of The Beginning
  6. Fading Memories
  7. To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy
  8. Bob Cox Lives In Ohio
  9. Even a Ghost Has a Sanctuary (feat. Scott Barnes)
  10. Entity
  11. Hell In The Headlights
  12. Eleven Fifty Nine (feat. Ricky Armellino)
  13. I'll Get You Next Time, Gadget!
  14. In Perfect Hindsight
  15. Labyrinth
  16. Legends And Legacies
  17. Letter To The Council
  18. Lust Of The Lost
  19. Marionette
  20. Maze In My Mind (feat. Emily Piriz)