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Walking down the street
Something caught my eye
A growing epidemic
That really ain't fly
This middle aged lady
I gotta be blunt
Her spandex biker shorts
Were creeping up the front
I could see her uterus
Her pants were too tight
She musn't own panties
There were none in sight
She walked right by
The poor woman didn't know
She had a frontal wedgie
A Cameltoe

Umm Hmm
That's right
Uh Huh
Oh No
Fix yourself girl
You got a Cameltoe

Girl that's gotta hurt
Take some time and adjust
Can't you see people staring
And making a fuss
Could not believe my eyes
Had to take a second glance
Is your crotch hungry girl?
Cause it's eating your pants
Do you enjoy the commotion
And attention it brings?
The only lips I wanna see
Are the ones that sing
In public putting on
An X rated show
Grossing people out
With your Cameltoe

Repeat Chorus

First day of spring and by the looks of things
These girls done forgot how to dress
A little too quick to wearin pum pum shorts
And it's causing me much distress
Whoomp there it is ya'll right in the front
Everybody come and get a good look
I can see everything through the panty cling
Every crannie and every nook
You better take a quick minute before you step outside
Check the area thats pubic
Or you'll get your panties all up in a bunch
All twisted up like rubic
Take these words of advice cause its not very nice
I wanna put you all in the know
Girls dont sleep dont let your pants creep
Watch out for the Cameltoe.

Repeat Chorus

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