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Hearts On Fire

John Farnham

Last rites, first blood
Maybe a dream but then it's clear enough
Can't hide, can't sleep
Is it the vision or the body heat?
True love's when your hearts on fire,
If I'm the paper, you're the sparkin' wire.
True love's when your hearts on fire.
One step, too deep
I made a promise now its hard to keep
One word, one kiss
Come any closer and you burn like this
You're talking trouble when you move this fast
You're never certain that the light will last
You've got to wonder when the place will blow
Leaving nothing but a bed of coals.
I made a promise not to fall this time
And not to watch another love go blind
Not to let another flame burn low
Now I'm praying that you wont let go.
Well all right, it's hot stuff
It's hard to focus but it's clear enough
The weak run, the lost hide
The strong forever hold the flame inside

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