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Darkness (Red Death)

Fatal Influence

The blood rains down, in the land of the dead
The visible darkness, where angels dare to tread
A disease of the masses, the inherent decay
Language of the devil, our faith dissolved in misery

The plague is killing one by one
Infecting the core of our faith
The true beginning of our end
As the chimes of the clock resonate
We dance alone in the darkest room
Where life and death are jest
Now your minions fall to me
In darkness, red death

Condemned to kill time, thus we die every minute
The pendulum swings in rhythmic disdain
Our hopeless quest to defy mortality
Bereft of all doubt, our haven becomes our tomb

Deliver us from evil, nameless here for evermore
The malevolent presence of the wretch we created
In the mouth of madness, black chaos comes again
As the crimson sky forms the means to our end

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