Baseball is one hell of a sport

Fight! Fight! Fight!

I'm on your bed with you.
Watching the game the whole way through.
And I'm praying for extra innings just to be next to you.
This is the part where you say that you like me.
This is the moment you realize that you're happy.

If you'd just let me be your everything.

This life falls hard and fast.
So I'll make those moments last.
And will you catch me as I'm tripping head over heels for you.
But I'm so tense and tired.
I'm so dense and wired.
But you're smile's all I need and it's etched in my memory.

Make me yours I'll make you mine.

I've wished on every star in the sky.
I've wished on every moving satellite.
I've wished on every plane that's passed me by.
But you still don't want me.
What will make you want me.
Why don't you want me?

If you'd just let me be your everything.

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