Hey, where have you been?
I traveled thousand miles just to find you
Hey, what did you do?
There are so many men coming after you
Tell me why you left home so soon?

Stop saying this shit 'cause that’s not true
Easy for you to say ‘cause you’re not on my shoes

And I don’t want to change it all
And I

Hey, your kid grew and he’s so smart
Your wife married another man that one you used to call friend
Hey, papa’s dying and mamma's crying
Just waiting for the day you’ll come back again
Leave your pride behind and go see them

I would rather die than come back again
Hell seems so calmer than that place, my friend

And I don’t want to change it all
And I

Hey, I need to say you something
The man mary got married is threatening them
Told mamma, still there’s goodness in you
So, please release’em from that pain they’re living again
I’ll take you home and you get all things that you can
And when you come back, let’s make a plan

Say to that motherfucker I’m gonna see him
He won’t see the sun shining once again

And now, I’m gonna change it all
And now

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