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Slow Bus Movin' (Howard Beach Party)


"Born in the 1940's, my parents couldn't vote,
X and King were on a march for power true,
Black power that is
Panther's and their attitudes,
sport fresh new business suits, yeh yeh.
Stricken with determination to rise above a slave,
the mayo men used firehoses
to spray the monkeys back in their cages."
Round and around and around they go
The bus is goin mighty slow
Brothers in the back seat
Caucs in the front
People gettin' hostile when I kill someone
"Well the overlords thought it would be a good idea
to mix the Black with the White but if you're a fly in
the buttermilk they'll chase you all through the night.
So go ahead and burn your cross and rape our women in thenight,
'cause the day will come when your cream coated daughter
is gonna be my wife."

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Written by: Angelo Moore / Kendall Jones / Walter Adam Kibby II. Isn't this right? Let us know.