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My Song


So here's how it started
It started with a beat
A beat in my head
And it wouldn't go away
So I added a bass
The bass was phat
I played it to my boys on a 24 track
They like that ah
The hand clap followed by the mic
No time for dinner
Five's out on the night shift
Shady eyes in the middle of the night
Into the dawn till the lyrics lock tight
On the mix tell the DJ
Quick Five boom

He kept playing my song
On and on all night long

Rip it up everybody
Rip it up one time
Let me bring your rigidy rugged flow for your mind
Got what you need now
Let me break it down
Five on the low
With the funk for your town
Down on the floor now
Let me see you move
This time tonight
Now it's time to groove
Who got the champion
Sound understand
Rhyme for rhyme
Five on the low down

Get down (x6)

Check it


Like I said before
Got the funk for your trunk
From the junk yard
To the Boulevard
Here we come ladies
Lock tight
Woo with that straight Five
Dead right
Party's over here we got
The Five boom all night
We made a hit
Yet another home runner
And sweet sugar J
Got you hot like the summer
So I'm a stepping back
And let the DJ bust the mix Five

Get down (x14)

He kept playing my song all night long (x2)

Baby bounce
Let me see you bounce to this
I get the mic technique
To help you use your ears
So you it by the radio
Hands on the dial
Soon Five on the jam
Time to pump up the volume
Another fly track to get down
Let me see you move
Time for you to get down and prove it!
Ain't no doubt that we're fly
So don't deny

Chorus until fade

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