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Come on and brace your fate
Engulfed up in the rat race we hold our futures down
So just resist the plot and find the answer
Etched eternal
As we self destruct
Day by day
One by one

More example of disrespect
That you seem to offer no more than complete neglect
A generation with fate all tied
This aint a game
We don't enjoy this ride
Try to perceive the lie
All caught up in your own high

Opinions of yourself
Should be concerned about your life
There's been enough strife to crash a persons hope
And as the days delay our every other move
We've been consumed by apathy
That's right
It has become a pain
Inside my brain is screaming
Look what you've done to me

Its just the break we're givin em
Its just the break that you're givn' em

Layed to waste out in the open
Turned away once again
This isn't right
This ain't supposed to happen
Now life's too short
We shouln't have to die
And I have had to stop all of my emotions

Oh bittering faith escapes again, again
Just look at what we have done
Will look at who we've become
Priorities astray
It goes on and on each day
We've wrecked their only try
And still we wonder why
We're recipients of hate Motherfucker

Break your back
Just once and then you know
You gotta
Face your fright
That's right
With your five second morals
And your three second smile
You just

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