I'm a fast breather
I'm a hairless dog
And alone at the end of the day i am just like the gahering fog

I'm a slow mover
I'm the best-laid plans
And alone at the end of the day i just sit with my head in my hands

But we speak easy
And we seldom fight
And i chew on the bones of the day while you sleep soft and warm in the night

And i can't see you
With anyone else
Even if that means holding you down
Even if that means losing myself

He's a smooth talker
And he shaves his face
And i wonder if you look at me and instead see him taking my place

But i do need you
And no one else
And i hope you're around and forgiving when you see me losing myself

Dadadada dadadada dadadada dadadada
Dadadada dadadada dada

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