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Jokes On You

Ford Willa

Once there was love
And I was a fool
Once there was us
But it was all about you
I was to blind to see it
Then I woke up
And I came down
It was only a dream
'Cause you were not around

Oohh, not around, not around
You had me feeling I was crazy
Oohh without a doubt

Baby, Everytime you told me one of your lies
Everytime you could not look in my eyes
You told me what I knew, Oh baby
Cause everytime you thought I would be true
And everytime you played around, I did too
Well baby now I guess the jokes on you


Once there was trust
Now there's no more
Enough is enough
I'm walking out the door
Don't try to stop me, baby
It coulda been good
It coulda been right
You could've had me always by your side

Oh right by your side, right by your side
But now you'll never have this, baby
I'm feeling sorry for you

It's all I need right now
You could have gave me love
You gotta know, Time for you to watch the show, Oh you, How's itfeel knowin
I did you wrong, Oh baby


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