I can see you standing, from across this crowded room,
Like an angel home from heaven, oh just to see the love u play,
She dances yes, to thousand singing along,
Remembers that this heaven starts right here where we belong ya but

Some might say some might say, now heaven is a place where we go
Some might say some might say, we live here everyday oh
But you might catch me running, to find out that love isn't so far, oh I'll be chasing this heaven oh to find out ya that, its right where we are
Say, love is right where we are

It's no wonder why, the angels come down to hear the love play, it's been bouncing off the walls in heaven, since before we even played,
So tonight oh we are singers, singing to this brand new beat,
We've filled in the love from heaven, cause it feels so complete ya but

Chorus x2

Come dance with me ooo love.

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