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Bombin' The L

Fun Lovin Criminals

Bombin' the L (12x)
Lord, I can't change (2x)

I usta more ya yo than Phizer Pharmaceuticals
paid my way through college, and still had residuals
Moved more wait than arnold on steriods
shot more punks than rocks in asteroids
caught more heat than Aruba in August
Never spilled the beans when the cops finally caught us
All my liquid assets are flowing like a stream
and my fingers are faster than Yngwie Malmstein

Everybody round me making money
I see everybody round me making money
Why can't I?

Lord, I can't change (4x)

I get my macaroni salad from Dean and Deluca
and I top my red death with the white Zambuca
stick up kid yeah, without no errors
I'm smashing twelve hundreds on
sucker rhyme sayers
Like Hendrix I freak you, like Tito I treat you
Bombin' Tha "L" i see you
You freak, you coochie frito ! There's something about a train!

Lord, I can't change (8x)
Bombin' the L (14x)
Lord, I can't change (11x)

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