the best things in life are
gazed at the carpet of stars (stars)
trig question and you knew it
blockade you runs right through it
the best things in life have
qualities like when we laugh (laugh)
half joy half happiness
thats second right before you first kiss
the best things in life look
like the first time the blind have site
late for a flight, just one of those days
get to the game, thank god its delayed
the best things in life hurt
suffering and overwelmed with work
your social life is starting to fade
but in the end A+ is the grade

the best things are the subtlties
in small degrees that we dont see
gracing our presence so perfectly
just possibly u may agree (2x)

the best angle, thats right (6x)

the best things is life feel
safe, secure, and surely ideal
winning an unreal amount of money
the jokes on you when no one found it funny
the best things in life scare
you to death when your life is spaired
when someone cares and you dont deserve it
somehow your bad timings perfect
the best things in life please
(you) make a point, everyone agrees
breeze that brushes, 8th grade crushes
standing without crutches, dutches
so touching, no rushing, or crunching, you've got the time
intervention could be devine
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