Outta pocket
Outta pocket
Outta pocket
Outta pocket
Outta pocket
Outta pocket
Outta pocket

From Paris with love, bitch that's X and Os
Put coke on my dick head, now she got twice the blow
These hoes be outta pocket like an 8-ball
Got a pooh stick for her to put her fanny on
Redhead, tight dress with no panties on
Two things I'm paranoid of, blondes and cops
If you don't like what I'm saying then fast-forward the song
Put your bitch in the full nelson and get my Hogan on

Wow, th-th-this is remixture
Money talks bitch, you can't even fucking whisper
Make beats and rap, I am Blade, I am Whistler
Don't give me your CD, I am not a good listener
Your moms is a MILF, I can picture me with her
Mixtures with spritzers and liquors, playing Twister
Flicked around the spinner, got on top of her and kissed her
Then dicked her, said she was deprived so I fixed her

Call me Mr Sonny Money or whatever all the kids say
I been running game, in my city I'm a sensei
Fit for a king, 'cos I walk like Zeus and I'm under each and everything you bring to the booth
I'm a beast, I'm a God, I'm back at this, so savage shit, you average bitch
Got a bag of tricks to bag your chick and I only wrote this to laugh at it (ha-ha-ha)
Yeah, that's why the whole world look amazed
And if they heating up, good, 'cos we love filets, son
It's always Fuck It I'm Young

Hey bitch I'm smoking in London, my ascension was easy
And my future looks sunny, bitch I'm at Barney's with some racks on racks
Y-Cel, superfly man fuck what you heard
These debit niggas never gave me the credit that I deserved
Bring some girls home, watch glisten wine sipping
Talk about the record I sold, bitch, I'm twisting
Bitches who smell like fly fishing with their night vision
Top floor, penthouse lifestyle's what I'm living

Saying hey, no matter what it costs
I run this shit, bitch you know I'm the boss
I'll fuck your bitch, I don't even gotta run
I'll be shooting all your hoes with my stunner gun
Ride with your girl in my black Lamborghini
Making all them pretty bitches, oh so giddy
I like to get a little freaky swagging out, geeking
Tweaking young, Chip Squad, I salute my chop
Where they hang out, where they where they hang out?
Where they hang out, where they where they hang out?
I salute my chop, where they where they hang out?

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