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Before The Night Is Over

Gaelic Storm

Some take their hope, and hide it away
It burns in the darkness, like gold in a grave
There's a spark inside, that can't be concealed
No hurt is so secret that it won't be healed

Before the night is over
Make your heart an open door
Then all we hold inside us
Won't divide us any more
Before the night is over
And the time we have is done
Before our courage fades away
Let our hearts be bound as one

I've lost my way, when nothing is clear
I've been afraid to love, then I hurt what I fear
I can face the night, find strength in your eyes
not afraid to fall, not afraid to rise

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Written by: Jim Cregan / Kathleen Keane / Patrick Murphy / Stephen Wehmeyer. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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