I think I'd like to climb down in a hole
Down in the bottom of the world below
Twist myself back out of sight
Looking glass says, "have a look inside"

Drink a little bottle and I disappear
Smaller I grow, smaller all my fears
I can fit inside the heart of anywhere
Looking glass blues and I don't care

Time ticks backwards and the day is null
Borrowing dreams from a burying ground
Stranded on a chessboard, I can't move
And I don't even want to sing these backwards blues
Backwards blues, backwards blues

What can you see through a looking glass?
The opposite of everything that you can't have
You don't have
Good or bad

I see what exists outside myself
The absence of something that I know too well
Now the fear is reaching like a hand in the glove
The ugliest thing inside a heart you can think of

I walk through a keyhole big as the sun
Past all meanings and the things we've done
Counterfeit soul with an infant brain
'Cause that's how we gonna get along today

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