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If I believe that I could do anything,
Could I spread my wings and say goodbye,
So many people told me I couldn't win,
But look at me now,
Here I am in heaven's sky

And sometimes I say a prayer,
Wishing that you could be here with me, I believe

I believe in love, it's the best of everything
I believe in hope, and the changes it can bring
If you believe then nothing can stand in your way
Just say, I believe

If hope's the house I wanna be living in,
Well I've got one foot in the door
All the years of waiting for your approval dear
Well I realised I don't need it any more

Cause I'm stronger everyday,
Now I'm strong enough to say, I believe


It's a fact of life that we're all in the game,
But it's still your call,but we all play it,
Sometimes we win, sometimes we fall
But that's no reason just to give it up, cause after all
If you can't choose what to be
You can choose what to dream
And I believe


Do you believe?

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