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Heart of Chaos

Gelida Obscuritas

Listen! Time for us has come!
Battle for the Glory of Hell,
give your souls to Satan,
in the name of Victory!

Black Storms born by the Earth,
shedding human blood,
filling all by poison,
blaze by the Flames of Hell.

Showing revolt of uncountable Legions,
showing destruction of life of god-fearing slaves,
showing performance of the Prime Target,
showing the full and irrevocable Victory!

From the heights of dying heavens
the god sends a horde
of helpless slavish corpses,
but his efforts are fruitless.

Hour of his death has come,
his disappearance per
Nonexistence has come,
Hour of Attack at heavens has come,
Hour of Victory has come!

In the name of Hell,
in the name of Victory,
in the name of Satan,
in the name of Chasm!

Oh, Greatest! Your children will win!

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