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Scared Am I

Ghoti Hook

She's late for the first time
she don't know where she is
she doesn't know where to go
lost in her driving, angry and crying
she don't know what she knows
how could this happen
she thought she was careful
a tear comes into her eye
now lost on a strange road
she pulls to a dead stop
she bows her head and starts to cry
She starts to cry, she says, "Scared Am I"
She gets out of her car
she steps out in the cold
and thinks of what she's been through
no one around her
no one to help her
to tell her what she should do
"am I alone now?"
"am I disowned now?"
she stares into the clouded sky
rain starts to fall down
mixing with her tears
she falls on her knees and starts to cry
the rain smooth and steady
falls on to her face
the rain it seems to be quite warm
she can't help but wonder
the soft rumbling thunder
the soothing rain despite the storm
is trying to tell her
that things will be better
there's hope that springs into her eye
she knows in her future
that things will be all right
she lifts her head and starts to cry

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