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You Better Think Twice

Gill Vince

I know it ain't none of my business
when it comes to the affairs of your heart
It's really hard for me to say this
but your trouble's gettin' ready to start
well i've heard you say how much you love him
you think someday you'll be his bride
baby, you just can't trust him
'cause i've known the boy all of my life


so you better think twice, before you roll the dice
you better think twice before you give your heart away

you really must think i'm something
talkin' trash about me best friend
i just hate to see you wind up with nothing
'cause you're way too good for him
and i know that you don't believe me
but i've been with him when he's runnin' 'round
he don't mean to hurt nobody
he ain't never gonna settle down


you better think twice
you better think twice
you better think twice
you better think twice

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