I kissed you cause i've never been and angel
I learned to say hosannas on my knees
But they threw me out of sunday school when i was nine
And the sisters said i did just as i pleased
Now even so i tried to be a good girl
Its only what i want that makes me weep
I had no desire to be a child of sin
But then you went and pressed your whiskers to my cheek

Fie le lie lie
Fie le lie lee
Now let me go my honey-o back to tennessee
It's beefsteak when i'm workin
Whiskey when i'm dry
Sweet heaven when i die

Now i tried drinking rye and gambling
Dancing with damnation is a ball
But of all the little ways i found to hurt myself
Well you might be my favorite one of all

Why can't i go and live the life awryly
Why can't i go back home to apple pie
There's no affront a-to my virtue
Was a touch too much
But you left a little twinkle in my eye

Now some'll come confessing of transgressions
Some they come confessing of their love
You were there strumming on your gay guitar
And you were trying to tell me something with your thumb

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Written by: David Rawlings / Gillian Welch. Isn't this right? Let us know.