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Open Arms


Why can´t we sit by the fireplace and play telepathy
i want to read your mind and see if you
thinking about me
it´s been a while since i sat down and
express the way that i feel
but i´m about to crack it´s too late and the pain is real
and too much to bear
and i´m so awfully scared
i need someone who feels me
i need someone who loves me

why don´t i stay awhile with you we can confess what we beenthrough
to one another to each other
there´s nothing i´ll keep from you
why don´t you reach and grab my hand
i´ll be one who understands
you can count on me
i won´t do you wrong
i´ll be here with open arms

by the way that you are talking it´s telling
me that you´re been so hurt
your insinuation are screaming to me that you´re really hurt
i want to be your mechanic and fix
everything that´s wrong
for you be crying and feeling so down thats so wrong
it´s to much to bear
you seem so awfully scared
you need someone who feels you
you need someone who loves you


we´ll need no more
we´ll have each other and love will endure
no pain just love
with you that´s all i see and i think of
and for you i´ll give my right and left arm
i´ll forever be the man that won´t do you wrong
forever love you
that´s no question
you´re the one girl
i´m confessing


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Compuesta por: C. Rooney / E. Lumpkin / Elgin Lumpkin / L. Dawson / Loren Dawson / T. Oliver / Troy Oliver. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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