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Super Human


I'd have to be strong, stronger than a
mountain baby
To not crumble at the touch of your hand,
of your hand
I'd have to stop time, to stop this love
inside me baby
To not reach each night for you, to not
need you like I do

I'd have to be superhuman
Made outta stone, made outta steal
To not feel what I'm feelin
To not love you baby, love you baby
I'd have to have the strength of ten men
To ever resist a love as strong as this
To not care like I do. I'd have to be, have to

I could possess all the greatest powers,
I could hold the whole world here in my
hands, in my hands
And still I would be powerless to leave you
Cause your touch is just too sweet and I'm
in this love so deep


Even Hercules wouldn't have the strength
to leave
Once he fell under the spell under your kiss
So how could I even try to leave you side,
say goodbye, baby....


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