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Role Play


Let's play a little game, a forte
Here's a little fantasy and role play
No lips ever the same, so let's play
A little fantasy and role play

Come right in and take off your skirt
Sit right down and let G go to work
'Cause being my patient has it perks
Come and show the doctor exactly where it hurts
You say the pain, it hurts right there
So come and lay it down, yeah, right over here
You see with me, the fun will never end
Playing my little game of role play pretend


Come right in, with the handcuffs on
I planned a lot of kinky stuff to the break of dawn, yeah
We're gonna do it nice and rough til your fears are gone
I'm a be the one to flip it up and rub it down
And that's my word, it's bond, yeah
"Cause I'm your master and your my slave
Everything I say you will obey, yeah
You see with me, the fun will never end
Playing my little game of role play pretend


Now I can be your cowboy, ride in my rodeo
I can be your dancer baby, see my exotic show
I can be your teacher, and you can be my pet
Or I can be your director baby, get naked on a movie set
Whatever your fantasy, whatever your dream
Just set the stage girl and let's start the scene
Tonight's the night I'm gonna give into you, yea
The way you wish those other guys would do


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Written by: B. Terry / C. Williams / E. Joyner / E. Lumpkin / Elgin Lumpkin / H. Garvin / I. Wiley / M. Clinkscale. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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