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Last Goodbye

Girl Thing

Chorus :
Where do I go, what do I do
When everywhere i turn it just reminds me of you
Now that it's clear, there're no more tears for me to cry
Now it's time that i said my last goodbye

Verse 1 :
People will promise things, and swear they'll be true,
but don't always fool yourself,
like all the others do ......
I've been guilty thinking, this was a dream,
when all of the time it wasn't quite what it seemed.

Bridge 1 :
Half of my memories still wants you back
Remember half of your friends were mine.
(Half of your friends were mine)
Can you tell me...


Verse 2 :
From time to time, i hear them whisper your name,
Just when I think I'm over you,
It brings it all back again
I hope you're happy with the choices you've made
Your love was a gamble that's the price I paid

Bridge 2 :
But half of my heart still wants you back
Remember half of your life was mine
(Half of your life was mine
So won't you tell me


Mid 8 :
I hope you're regretting, letting me go
Now it's time to say goodbye
I've got no more tears to cry
There's something that I've got to know, baby...yeah

Chorus to fade

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