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Garden Kisses


I might get a ticket tonight
Trying to make it to your crib
I might even lose my license
The way I’m driving, baby, mmm
Please sprout, up for me
Your tulips are my fate
You gon' be my blessings tonight
So keep your eyes wide

I’m doing 65
In a 40 hoping that I don’t get spotted
This ain’t no DUI
Just wanna take a stride through your garden
Your Garden (mmm)
Your Garden

Check the window I'm right outside
Come down and let me in
Forbidden fruit all on my mine
You greet me with a kiss baby
Sweet grace blueberry
I swear I love that taste
Will I be coming in tonight
It’s time to found out

Put your phone on silent
Put your lips on mine let’s get started
It’s just you and I while I take a stride through your garden
Your garden (mmm)
Your garden

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