There are times in the darkness
I have forgotten
How the Lord of my li-ife
He carries my pai-ain
And when I bring him the wrong
That tries to consume me
He forgives me unmeasured
Again and again
And ca-alls it even
He calls it even

When He adds up my progress
It all comes to nothin'
But He leads me with mercy
In that place in my roa-oad
Then he reaches beyond
Bringin' me closer
And never counting the mi-hi-iles
That I missed the goal
And He ca-alls it even
He ca-alls it even

May I bring him gi-ifts
And he gives me grace
I bring him confusion
He sets me in pla-a-a-ace
He calls it even

When I give him my best
It's all or nothin'
But it's black and it's white
And there's no middle grou-ound
Will the sum of my li-ife
Be all that he wanted
He will balance the sca-hales
When he hands me my-y crown
And ca-all it even
Oh-oh, He ca-alls it even
He calls it even..., He calls it even...
Yes he calls it even, hooh-hooh-hooh

(He calls it eve-e-e-en, He calls it eve-e-e-en
He calls it ev-e-e-en, He calls it eve-e-e-en)

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