This was the first blues I ever learnt from
Bob Wells and the Texas Playboys
called the Milk Cow Blues


Well I did woke up this mornin'
And I looks out my door-oor
Hey, I could tell my milkcow
I could tell by the way she lows
So if you see... my milk cow
Well drive, drive, help her back ho-ome
Cause I ain't had no milk and butter
Long since the cow's been go-one

Play your Harmonica Steve, yeah

Well I tried everythi-ing woman
Just to get alo-ong with you
And now I'm goin' to tell you
What I'm gonna do-oo
Well you know I'm gonna stop a-cryin'
I'a a-gonna leave you alo-one
If you don't think I'm leavin', honey
Count the days I'm gone
'Cause you're gonna nee-ee-ee-eed
Your lovin' daddy's help some day
And you will definately be sorry
'Cause you treat your man the wrong way-ay-ay-ay

Play your fiddle Carl, yeah, ah-ah
Don't you fiddle it son, make it feel good, yeah

Play T.J. - from Chicago

Well, just treat your man right, woman
Day by day-ay
And get out your little prayer book
Get down on your knees and pray
'Cause you're gonna nee-ee-ee-eed
A lovin' daddy's help some day-ay
And you are goin' to be sorry
You just treat your old man the wrong way-ay

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