Let me hear a little backingtrack

I'm giving it up
I'm giving it up

I know you're wondering where I've been
Sweet songs of love got me comig in
Wanted to leave yeah, just walk away
But this is real and I'm here to stay
So afraid of being sad and blue
Talked to myself and said I'm over you
But now it's time for me to make you see
These chains of love got a hold on me

I never felt this way before
Can't get enough, want more and more
Love will keep together
Got to be forever
Got to be forever

Never knew love would make me feel this way
You make me happy and I'm gonna stay
Whenever life was getting out of hand
I turned to you and you would understand
You lift me up when I'm feeling down
I got my feet back on solid ground
You make me smile when I wanna cry
I'm gonna love you 'til the day I die


I'm giving it up
I'm giving it up
And I'm here to stay

(Chorus repeat till fade)

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Written by: Joacim Persson / Kathy Brown / Linda Clifford / Niclas Molinder / Pelle Ankarberg. Isn't this right? Let us know.