Maybe it's the wrong time
But when is the right time to say i lied ?
I've been keeping secrets
Could this be the last time we say goodbye ?

(here we are)
Eye to eye no conversation
You know what i'm going to say
Eye to eye it's a sad situation
Girl have i thrown it away ?

I was missing you, missing you
I needed someone to comfort me
When you closed the door baby
How could i know that i still had the key ?

Your love never thought that i would lose it
My love won't you tell me what it takes to prove it ?
All i want is your love

It's all up to you girl
I just couldn't keep it to myself
She was nothing to me
And you know in your heart
I don't want anyone else.

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Written by: Peter Cox / Richard Drummie. Isn't this right? Let us know.