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Perfect Remedy


If I paint a picture of the days gone by
I could tell a story
Minus the truth
It's the only way I
Couldn't walk a meter in your shoes
You'll see
When you see
They're soaked
I left them out in the rain
And they're heavy like weights

I could help you choose a name
First thing that I saw today
Make the best of new conditions
It'll never be the same

I thought about you in my bed last night
You were a thousand years old
Had a million boyfriends
I have a rubber stopper to prevent the words from happening
Like a troubled spot within and press with all my mightiness

Bend it back all the way
This one it'll never break
Make the best of old ideas
It'll never be the same
Pent up in me
Tied up in my room
I found the perfect remedy
Spit you out
Or just chew it
Pent up in you
Tied up in your room
You got the best cut of deal
You lay down
With the newest

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