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Met her sunday, that was yesterday
The girl I knew from 1990
Her eyes are hazel her name is mable
I kissed her once and now I'm able to
Walk a mile, crack a smile

She makes me want to kiss all the
Babies, hug the puppy dogs
She makes me feel like my mom
Smell the flowers and plant a tree
I gotta say that Mable
She's the bomb
Now it's monday, better than sunday
Mable told me that she would stay
Her curly hair shines in her eyes
Boy that Mable sure is fly
I'm with her now until I die

Then on Tuesday Mable left me
I heard she's going out with Charlie
She saw his package from what I know she said
That looks like a tube of cookie dough!
Mine, she said then, looks like a
Small pencil with broken lead
Rabies got the puppy dogs
So now I really need my mom
I bought her flowers, so woe is me
It sucks I still think Mable
She's the bomb

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