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I'll open up my head awhile
Its been dead for years
Must have been a victim of my peers
One is for my happiness
The other for my health
The last is something bigger than myself

I ain't the only one to say

I'm talking to myself again
I'll just start a fight
Nobody can prove me wrong I'm right
Anti-hero idol with a suicide excuse
A thousand other suckers will try and fill your shoes

I ain't the only one to say

Little pictures in my head
Turning inside out again
Cause fucking up takes practice I feel I'm well rehearsed

Because the past is a bully and the futures even worse
You tell me what you fear cause I can feel it like a curse

Well, you used to be a folk singer now you're just a jokesinger
Ain't no smoking dope singer swinging from a rope singer

I ain't the only one to say

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Written by: Johnny Rzeznik / Robby Takac. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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