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Fire Engine Red

Good Riddance

Forgotten stories of excess
both real and fiction
Too many hollow lives spent
chasing benediction
We plummet to the earth like
scores of fallen angels
Play out our tragedies on empty
weathered stages

But before we lose it all
The final curatain call
Conflicted and rejected

Beware the opulence inherent confusion
When reality's obsured
by clouds of disillution
Held under far too long by
the weight of our existence
We labor fruitlessly against
both time and distance

But before we lose it all
The final curtain call
Conflicted and dejected

What's in the past can't be undone
You'ce got to seperate to become one
Your indescision hides the guilts
just underneath your clouded eyes

So sick you'd sell your soul
For another fifteen minutes lie

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