The Parish Of Space Dust


(Cowboy Town)
(I need a small vacation)
(Hey ubba jibba huh-wah ee ah) Good morning, it is 45 degrees at six o'clock, in the headlines a [?] arrests and more storm fronts
First, let's check out the traffic reports
Houston's only home
God bless Texas [?]
Fly pretty high

Oh, Texas, can you hear me?
Speed up on the dawn
To the pinks and blues of Houston
In the Sun
Where home is a rust
In the parish of space dust
(Where the mountains die)
And today is golden

Arrested and charged with second-degree robbery
And by the way, he was also violating probation
Now, what's the difference between first degree and second-degree robbery?
Uh, a degree, [?] it's as close as I know, brother, I can't help you
Have a great time over there, thanks for listening

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