"Hey girl,you need a lift"
"Ah ha"
"I got this big black caddy outside to take you wherever you want to go"
"You wanna see it?"
"Oh what's that"
My big.... black.... Caddy...Caddy
My big.... black.... Caddy...Caddy

Hey girl,you wanna take a little spin
Well just hop on because you can't get in
But just be carefull how you (sit down)
Or I'll make you (get down)
I'll even be your chauffeur and drive you from town to town
You ought to be glad that I let you cum
The only kind of gas I ever use is premium
As we were driving to our destination on a quest
She said,"May I relax on your big head rest?"
Now we listened to her favorite song,relaxed and layed back
As I brove,her to Jersey on my big black Cadillac

My big.... black.... Caddy....Caddy
My big.....black.... Caddy....Caddy

Now when I'm drivin' down deep dark tunnels on slick wet roads
That's when I put my black Caddy in cruise control
You fella's Caddy's on the side of the road,then go tow it
Because my horn is workin' fine,don't believe me
Come blow it
Not Mercedes,BMW,Porsche or Masarati,it's a big fat stretch
I'm tellin' everybody (my big black Caddy)
Yo,I know ain't nothing wrong with your hearin'
And I got a strong back that provides the power steering
The fellas all (jealous) The ladies all (want it)
You can't get in it but you all can ride on it

My big.... black.... Caddy...Caddy
My big.....black I drives a Caddy....Caddy

A huh,huh,well,it's not the kind of Caddy that runs on gas
It's the kind of Caddy that runs on (ass)
The ladies waitin' in line to keep polished and shined
It's designed so they never make one like mine
It's rammed through many towns
Really got around (did work,done damage)
And it never broke down
My Cadillac is great,earth's 8th wonder of the world
Take it out my garage and scare the (shit out of girls)
It's big,you dig,but there no need to panic
'Cause the Caddy's fully loaded and it's aerodynamic

My big.... black.... Caddy...Caddy
My big.....black I drives a Caddy....Caddy

Joy-riding with my Caddy,cold chillin',gettin' loose
When I saw this flygirl who needed a boost
So I dipped into her bumpers with skill and with class
She screamed."Harder,won't you give me just a little more gas"
Doin' my best so she wouldn't feel inferior
She said "I like your nice plush vinyl exterior"
She was holdin' on tighter than a figure-four leg lock
This is what she said the first time she saw the jock
(Who Johnny Carson,your Caddy's so large)
(But you can park your Cadillac in my greasy garage)

My big.....black.....Caddy...Caddy
My big.....black I drives a Caddy....Caddy

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