Hey bonecrusher.
Am I what you wanted? Am I what you expected?
Hey ballbreaker.
I'd say my soul is haunted, my aim misdirected.

Hey teen-ager.
I'd say the meat's infested, half of you have been molested.
Hey lovemaker.
Only loving what you need, 'cause it feels good.

Only loving what you need.
Crushing bones can kill your speed.
Cut you up but you won't bleed.
Crushing bones can make you feel alright.
Hey bonecrusher.

So cool I'm cold.
So cold my body's shakin'.
And there's no one in the world.

Life has lost its meaning.
I'm always somewhere in between.
Do you love yourself?
Do you love yourself?

Now my will is gone and it's all I had and it's everything I gave, aw you dirty little liar.
What I thought you'd give was the air I breathe but you took my breath away, when you set my world afire.

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