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Born To Hand Jive


Before I was born, late one night, my papa said everything's alright
The doctor paid, mama laid down, with a semitone bouncing all around
Cause the beebop stork was about to arrive
Mama gave birth to the hand-jive

I could barely walk when I looked in town, when I was three
I pushed the fly
While jumping would I move my legs
And I saw the dance while I gathered a's
Bowed and clapped, I was only five
And I danced 'em all, he's born to hand-jive

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody

Born to hand-jive, baby, born to hand-jive, baby, yeah

How low can you go, how low can you go
How low can you go, how low can you go

Higher, higher, higher and higher
Now can you hand-jive, baby, oh can you hand-jive, baby
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, born to hand-jive, oh, yeah!

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Written by: Jim Jacobs / Warren Casey. Isn't this right? Let us know.