Dry Ice

Green Day

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Late last night I had a dream
And she was in it again
She and I were in the sky
Flying hand in hand
I woke up in a cold sweat
Wishing she was by my side
Praying that she'll dry the tears
Left on my face I've cried

Oh I love her
Keep dreaming of her
Will I understand
If she wants to be my friend

I'll send a letter to that girl
Asking her to be my own
But my pen is writing wrong
So I'll say it in a song
Oh I love you more right now
More than I've ever loved before
Here's those words straight from these lips
I'll need you forever more.

Come ease the pain that's in my heart

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Composition: Billie Joe Armstrong / Green Day · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
Sent by Jennifer, Subtitled by anna
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