I woke up to a message of love
Choking up on the smoke from above
I’m obsessed with the poison and us
What a mess because there’s no one to trust

Huh, uh, come on honey, huh, uh, count your money
Huh, uh, what’s so funny? There’s a riot living inside of us

I got paranoia baby
And it’s so hysterical
Cracking up under the pressure
Looking for a miracle

Huh, uh, come on honey lying in a bed of blood and money
Huh, uh, what’s so funny?
We are rivals in the riot inside us

I’m impressed with the presence of none
I’m possessed by the heat of the Sun
Hurry up cause I’m making a fuss
Fingers up
'Cause there’s no one to trust

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Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong / Mike Dirnt / Tre Cool · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Carol
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