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Bad Funk Stripe


I'm a small portion of the sampled origin
Seems like your kickin it back to the policemen
I need a breath of fresh air
So we can clear the air
Importance for your labels

Kick the flipper on the goldmark twilight
Kick the flipper so i can see my light
I screamed hooray for flashing bad funk stripe
Screamed hooray for flashing bad funk

Bad funk stripe

Bad vibes from the slide tribe seems
You got your wires crossed when you tried to fix the toasted
But the boasting felt like karate
Rolled with the punches and a blow up vercace
We really need gravel rash
Step on the gas
Give all the hash
Rollin up, pretty smashed
Step on the gas we all need gravel

I screamed hooray
For for flashing that funk stripe
Bad funk stripe
bad, bad

Well there's a crazy situation on the seventh floor
I'm in an argument forever with the lady in the down stairs
Left operator lift me up better
I know you do it well
Cos i've seen you when your in the rain
And your pain won't go back
Cos i know it
You try everything to tell me that you know it
You know, i know, you know
A bad funk stripe

you know a bad funk stripe
a bad funk yeah.

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