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Defender Of Beauty (feat. Marcia Griffiths)


Before you play this round you should know something yes
About the thing, you are not seeing
Hoping to inspire all the of angels of men
But you cyan't do it, them alone shall make their fate

Hidden past their makeup, and the diamonds in lights
A false worship, reflection of them ego trip
Building up their model of stick like puppet
Trying to hide what we see
Jah the defender of beauty

Until the moon and the sun start their focus on we
And the dreams of a child are universally
Nurtured as true, shape and form reflections of we
Only then will man and women be respected equally
Jah know

Just like all her idols she wants to sparkle and fly
But you'll never reach it, stuck like in quick sand pit
Feeling like a failure you want to run off and hide
But you cyan't do it, remembering life is a blessing
Driven by the powers that man has devised
It's only physical, could never get spiritual
Challenging up this model would be out fight
Recalling history, Jah the defender of beauty

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