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Because we said good bye

Grupo Indio

I even have fresh the memory
Of your skin on my skin
The wonderful mornings that we shared
In search of renewing our affection,

The warm smile that showed between your lips
In order to express so many things and your fragile body to me
And your full glance of mystery and dulzura for my.

Today my single life this flood of nostalgia and bitterness
Because the destiny I separate the way of both
Because love mine if your you loved to me
You had to always say me for good bye.

You did not find love equal
Like that you leave today thus
Anybody you will be able more to love ooh no
Because your love remains here.

It will not find another woman
That to my it wants to me like your
To anybody I will be able more to want ooh no
Then you take my love
All my love,

And because we said good bye
You said good bye to me to me
and I said good bye thus to you, wanting to us (x3)